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Enayble Health, founded in 2021, was built to ensure that Canadian young adults have the resources to maintain life long physical activity habits. Led by a team of medical students, nurses, epidemiologists, health promoters and allied health professionals, Enayble Health integrates unique perspectives within healthcare to ensure that diverse solutions can be brought to the table.

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16.4% of Canadian adults met the Physical Activity Guidelines in 2017.

Adults are sedentary for 9.6 hours on average each day.

(Statistics Canada)

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Physical activity declines across income groups, with those in the lowest groups being 33% less likely to be moderately active than those in the highest income group.

Vulnerable and marginalized communities play a vital role in Canadas demographics but often times deal with food insecurity, poor access to infrastructure and  economic hardship

For the majority of Canadians, physical health and education teaching ends in high school.

(A Common Vision: Government of Canada)

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Here at Enayble Health We Strive To:

Improve physical health literacy within Canadian young adults at large.

Provide resources and strategies to promote life long adherence to physical activity.

Identify barriers and inequities under-represented groups often face in their efforts to be physically active.

Find solutions to these barriers by utilizing a network of healthcare learners and providing tools to promote accessible and culturally competent physical activity counselling.

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